10 Best & Free Instagram Auto Followers Apps in 2022

If you are looking for success on Instagram then get in the line and believe me it’s a long queue. That’s why having an extra bit of help to boost your Instagram presence is not a bad idea. If you have used the strategy to follow multiple accounts and have still gotten no results then maybe it is time you used an Instagram auto followers apps. This app might be the missing link that can make your strategy stronger.

What is an Instagram followers app?

An Instagram auto follower apps is a tool that can be used to increase your followers on Instagram. Of course, if your content is not good you will not gain a lot of followers. These apps help you automatically follow and unfollow target accounts. Once you follow these accounts the users will be curious about you and will likely check out your stuff. If they like your posts then there’s a good chance you may gain followers.

Are they trustable?

Like most things, there are good and bad examples of the Instagram followers app. That’s why you need to take some time to find the good ones. We have made your job easier by compiling a list of the best Instagram auto followers apps that you can use to grow on Instagram.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Instagram auto followers apps.


Growthsilo - Instagram Auto Followers Apps

Growthsilo is a notable and one of the top recommendations in the category of auto followers apps. Unlike many other applications that provide similar Instagram growth enhancement services, Growthsilo offers a little more assistance in the form of a professional account manager.

When a user purchases their service, this platform assigns an account manager who coordinates the operations that ensure growth, which lasts until the end period.

Furthermore, Growthsilo does not rely on bots to provide followers; instead, every follower request you receive as a result of investing in this program comes from a genuine active account. What’s the best part? First, users will have a free three-day trial and will be allowed to request refunds if they do not receive the expected service.


Aigrow - Instagram Auto Followers Apps

Aigrow is your one-stop destination for your needs that can help to grow your Instagram account. Users can expect a plethora of features through this application that will aid in the growth of their content.

Aigrow is entirely committed to meeting its customers’ expectations in terms of strengthening its social media presence, from offering free real followers to delivering insights.

You might think we’re exaggerating the app’s capabilities, but you’ll be surprised to learn that Aigrow offers a wide range of services for FREE! Now say, who would want to miss such a wonderful app?


Ampfluence - Instagram Auto Followers Apps

Looking for an app that provides followers for not only Instagram but also other platforms, then the one you have been searching for is Ampfluence. Though the main theme of this article is to provide you with tools that generate growth for your account, that is likely not your only worry.

To grow a business, having a social media presence only on one app will suffice; you will also have to take advantage of the popularity of the popular social media applications other than Instagram like Twitter, TikTok, etc., and that’s the purpose of Ampfluence.

Influence provides a wide array of growth services to a variety of platforms without the use of bots. So you can blindly sign to this app and enjoy the benefits without a worry of getting blacklisted on social media.


HypePlanner - Instagram Auto Followers Apps

Wouldn’t you like a dedicated customer support that listens to your concerns and organizes a strategy based on them? Well, if that’s the case, HypePlanner might be the one you have been looking for.

Why HypePlanner?

Our main reason for recommending this platform is its ability to provide relevant followers. That’s right, HypePlanner provides followers that are related to your niche. For example, let’s say if you are a beauty blogger, wouldn’t you like followers who are actually interested in beauty. The dedicated and experienced team of HypePlanner knows that, and that’s why they provide such a precious service.

You can get up to 150,000 followers through this wonderful app. Since gaining so many followers in a single day would raise the algorithm’s suspicions, HypePlanner organizes the delivery period and fully completes its distribution without interfering with your progress. Hence why, as the name suggests, HypePlanner is full of ‘hype.’



When you search for the Instagram auto followers app on Google, the websites you see are probably unreliable. The actual and authentic websites do not appear much on the search results. One such wonderful yet underrated application is Thunderclap.

Like the many others we have, this platform, and we will be recommending, provides real followers from authentic accounts. But providing followers is their only selling part? As a platform dedicated solely to providing engagement enhancement services, Thunderclap provides services such as likes and views too.

Thunderclap offers two types of services, the followers are from real followers with only a profile picture and not any other uploads. The other type is that the followers are from authentic accounts that are fully active, providing likes and views.


SidesMedia - Instagram Auto Followers Apps

As a platform that has been providing social media growth enhancement services, SidesMedia has all-around expertise in offering useful services. With their versatility and expertise, we can assume that this platform is well enriched with quality services, and that includes followers too.

Why trust SidesMedia?

As a relatively new app, SidesMedia has managed to grab the top ranks in the category of Instagram auto followers apps. Also, since the team of SidesMedia is well learned and experienced with the picky algorithm, customers will have less to worry about their abilities and witness the tremendous growth through this platform.


Upleap - Instagram Auto Followers Apps

As a newbie who is struggling to get your profile recognized by many, you sure are going through a rough patch. Maybe you may have thought that buying followers is beyond your budget. Well, don’t you worry, Upleap is here for you to provide the most followers through their affordable-rated packages?

At a menial cost of $3, customers get to enjoy 100 followers. And that’s not their only best part. At a minimal cost of $9, you can get 1000 followers, and the services will be delivered within a limited time.

With such a low price range, you are most likely eager to purchase their services. Go on; nothing is stopping you. In fact, Upleap’s services are not solely known for their affordable price range. The platform is also trusted by some big names like Forbes, Newport, Buzzfeed, and many more.

Social Sensei

Social Sensei

Did you know that the popular Instagram influencers, including your favorite celebrities, also at one point struggled to get followers That’s right. You are not alone; everyone at the top was once in your place too. But, what made them successful, strategies or social media managers, or luck?

No. They resorted to timely help from reliable sites, and one such is Social Sensei. Social Sensei is also like the others is an Instagram auto followers app. Their sophisticated services include providing Instagram followers, ad management, profile management, SEO optimization, and many more. Another distinctive and appealing aspect of Social Sensei is that they have worked with popular celebrities like Cardi B, Kevin Hart, and Snoop Dogg.



Our final and another best recommendation is UseViral. UseViral is equipped with an active community of real accounts that joins hands together in providing likes, views, and followers for your account.

Are they trustable?

They are, indeed. Indeed, UseViral has been noticed by many to give valuable services at a reasonable cost. Moreover, customers will not have to worry about their accounts being banned because they give real followers.


When we talk about followers, what kind of followers will you expect to follow your account? The random ones or the ones who are actually interested in your products? Your option will be the latter if you have a business account and start your Instagram journey with the intention of boosting sales.

That’s what we are talking about, not all apps give you the flexibility of choosing the ‘type’ of followers you want, but that’s exactly why Growthoid is popular for. By subscribing to the services provided by Growthoid, customers will get authentic and relevant followers by mentioning their niche. Through such followers and some other organic services, your account will reach its peak at no time.

Is Instagram Auto Followers App Safe?

While reading this article, you are bound to have this question in mind. Acquiring followers using apps may not be as exciting or gratifying as gaining genuine followers, but it is vital.

If you have reached this part of the article, you are probably tired of waiting for  followers. But, no matter how sound your strategy is, adding some help, like purchasing followers, will only add more benefits to your efforts.

When it comes to security, we agree that your concern is understandable, as there are many fraudulent platforms out there that will wreak havoc on your properly running account instead of assisting. This is the primary purpose for presenting this article.

The apps listed on our list are safe since they only request your username and email address to deliver the services and provide updates. So, you can ease your worries regarding safety.

Every app we’ve recommended does not rely on artificial bots to perform its functions. Instead, they have a dedicated team of genuine accounts who collaborate to deliver followers to your accounts. Since the followers are from real accounts, Instagram has no reason to block you, and you can focus on your content.

Advantages of Using Instagram Auto Followers Apps

If you think providing followers is the only benefit that auto followers apps provide, then you sure are for a huge surprise. Aside from providing followers, here are some other perks of auto followers apps:

The Auto Followers software delivers followers at a moderate pace, piquing the algorithm’s interest. As your account’s follower count grows, the algorithm gradually turns its emphasis to your account and begins to recommend it to more users.

  • Changes the Exterior of Your Profile

If you were you, would you prefer to follow an account with a sufficient number of followers or zero followers? No matter how good the content is, you will definitely prefer the accounts with more followers compared to the ones with none. This is psychology, and most relate to it. By buying followers, you not only influence the algorithm but also the mind of your future followers too.

Since you will be getting followers from bots and actual people, you will also get more likes and views on your content.


Got what you have been looking for? We hope you have. Not to sound annoying, but to achieve success, one needs to rely on others for help. Since we are talking about social media instead of a person, relying on the apps mentioned above will help you ease your stress and focus more on content. Happy blogging!

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