10 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools for Rapid Growth in 2022

LinkedIn automation tools is the platform of choice for a lot of working-class professionals who are looking for jobs or just want to connect with people with similar job profiles in hopes of forming a community. It has a massive user base and that user base can also become a target for marketers.

LinkedIn is all about connecting with people and forming networks for obvious professional reasons but doing so can be quite tiring and time-consuming and it requires constant human presence.

But not anymore, LinkedIn Automation tools allow you to automate communications and maximize your reach on LinkedIn, with the help of automation tools you can reach potential leads faster and more efficiently.

LinkedIn Automation tools save time and don’t require constant human presence, they generate all sorts of important data regarding the marketing campaign as well. LinkedIn Automation tools are now the norm and have become the industry standard as well.

Here is the list of the 10 Best LinkedIn Automation tools.


SocialPilot - linkedin automation tools

SocialPilot is a very user-friendly automation tool that is designed with simplicity in mind, it proves itself useful at every step of the way. It has all the important features that a marketer could ever want such as automating and scheduling posts, analyzing page performance, and generating useful metrics for further analysis.

SocialPilot compiles everything a marketing tool does and makes it even simpler. It gives you a complete overview of your page and provides insight into the page performance which allows you to post more engaging content for your audience.

SocialPilot makes it really easy to experiment with different types of content as it fetches accurate data on every post. You can judge which types of content work the best for your page.

The data that SocialPilot generates is invaluable as it helps paint the picture around the page’s success and highlights key factors. It generates appealing charts, graphs, and many other visual representations of the key statistics.


Expandi - linkedin automation tools

Expandi is one of the newer automation tools which utilizes cloud computing technology to empower its users with some of the best advanced targeting features. It allows you to personalize messages and organize connector campaigns.

Expandi doesn’t really mess around when it comes to advanced targeting, it can help you reach any targeted audience that you want, for example, if you want to reach a group of people that reacted or engaged with any particular post you can do that with the help of Expandi and greet them with a personalized message.

Expandi is well versed in LinkedIn’s terms and conditions and caps the number of connections it makes per day to avoid detection, that way you can reach the maximum amount of people without violating any guidelines.

It allows you to predefined the follow-up messages when a potential prospect answers back. It has a very intuitive user interface and anybody can navigate through it with relative ease, making it an ideal option if you want very advanced targeting features.

Expandi is a little pricey at 99$/month but it definitely doesn’t compromise on anything that Expandi promises.


Zopto - linkedin automation tools

Zopto is a LinkedIn automation tool that is mainly used by the sales department or brand-new start-ups to assist them in finding leads to increase their sales, it does require prior knowledge and experience with LinkedIn.

If you want to make the most out of it, it is also advised that you get LinkedIn premium to use it efficiently. You can use Zopto to filter by industry, location, company designation, and much more.

Once you’ve successfully filtered then you can select the desired engagement level and decide the features that you want to enable for example- connection, invites, messages, etc. You can manage the engagements on the dashboard where you can also monitor the entire operation.

You can manage all the leads through the dashboard, Zopto provides detailed statistics regarding your LinkedIn campaign and provides great insights on how you can optimize your posts.

Zopto has pretty much everything that other Social media automation tools offer but also goes above and beyond with services like Inmail messages, Twitter engagement, and advanced reporting.




MeetAlfred is an automation tool that mainly focuses on end-to-end social selling campaigns but also has features that make it more versatile. It helps in automating outreach sequences, constructing LinkedIn campaigns, improves team management and cooperation.

You can take the conversation away from LinkedIn and engage your prospects on email by linking your Gsuit account. It has a very user-friendly Campaign Manager which helps you to run message sequences on LinkedIn with personalization tags and action limits. MeetAlfred is also equiped with a built-in LinkedIn CRM to manage leads and connections.

You also get detailed analytics and insights on your dashboard that help you to monitor progress. It is a great mix of all the essential automation features you will need to generate leads. you can use this LinkedIn automation tool to send bulk messages and multiple connection requests.

It is advisable that you tread with caution as LinkedIn has some rather strict automation guidelines that must be followed while utilizes these tools.



WeConnect is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that is designed for professional networking on LinkedIn, it offers great personalization features and is a simple and convenient automation tool.

It is one the cheapest services available and doesn’t offer many advanced features instead it focuses on all the basic and essential features. WeConnect has a neat and tidy user interface and is really easy to use, you can link many users to your account which makes it a really powerful tool to manage big teams.

It has an almighty dashboard that allows you to monitor everything related to your campaign and it is fairly easy to navigate through. You don’t need any expertise to utilize this tool as it is very intuitive and offers excellent usability.

You can make new connections, discover prospects, generate leads, and much more with WeConnect and share them with your colleagues without any hassle at all.



LinkedHelper is a chrome-based automation tool that is design to help you track leads faster and without spending too much money. Can be collect the information from LinkedIn group members and can message them even if they aren’t your 1st connection.

It allows you to target even a more specific group of people by importing custom CSV results into the LinkedIn tool. LinkedHelper mainly focuses on automating basic tasks like messaging, invites, endorsing, connecting, and much more.

You can potentially connect with an unlimited number of people and utilize the auto mailing system to reach all of the newly acquired contacts.

It is fairly cheap and it is very simple to use as you can easily download it and install it on chrome. It helps expand your social network like nonother without costing you a ton of money, it is safer, faster, cheaper, more efficient than any of its competition.


Phantombuster - linkedin automation tools

Phantombuster is an automation and data extraction tool that helps automate most tasks with relative ease and offers a variety of different features and automation hacks.

This is recommend that you use it in combination with other automation tools for maximum growth. It is a great data extraction tool that saves you a lot of headaches when it comes to analyzing your audience and profiling them in different categories.

You can extract all of this information and use another LinkedIn automation tool to reach out to them. The tool can cost you upwards of $900 but it saves you a lot of time and effort as it edges you over your competition with its superior features.

It can also do all the basic automation tasks like scheduling posts, chain automation, personalized messages, automatically sending invites, etc.

You can use Phantombuster to devise different strategies and pair them with other LinkedIn automation tools to get even better results.


TexAu - linkedin automation tools

TexAu is also an automation and data extraction tool that extracts really valuable information and automates certain tasks to help you further your campaigns and increase your overall reach. It primarily helps you to rapidly increase your business in a short span of time.

Aside from LinkedIn it also offers automation for other websites, most notably, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With TexAu you can scrap all the members of a LinkedIn group and then reach out to them by using a variety of task automation tools.

It offers automation for a variety of different tasks such as endorsing, like, comment, messaging etc. It is a much cheaper service than Phantombuster but we can’t say which one of them is better but you can compare them yourself by signing up to get the free trials and choose the one that you prefer.



Dux-Soup is probably one of the most popular LinkedIn auomation tools, it works as a Chrome extension which makes it really handy and easy to access. It is a really user-friendly automation tool that offers a ton of support for beginners who just started in LinkedIn.

You can simplify lead management by simply uploading the LinkedIn profiles of your leads into your CRM for easy management. It comes with a great customer support team that is commit to be highly responsive to the community and offer a great deal of support for the newbies.

Dux-Soup doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t, it doesn’t offer any advanced features or any new features to its users, instead.

They offer all the basic features that are gear towards beginners and individuals who are looking for a simple tool that has a straightforward interface to work with. It is also really cheap and also offers a free version to get you start with LinkedIn automation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an automation tool that is gear towards people who are already familiar with LinkedIn and actively use it, and now want to access advanced features.

To make the most out of this tool you need to have prior experience with LinkedIn as it can be quite difficult to navigate through if it’s your first time using the website. You can get more relevant leads that will actually help you to close a deal rather than chase potential prospects that never really come to fruition.

You can pair it with other automation tools to make even more progress. The tool can be a little pricey for some people but it is definitely worth a shot and you will more often than not notice some serious growth with this tool and its benefits will outweigh its price.

You can also try a 30-day free trial to get a little taste of its power and then form a more informed opinion about this tool.


LinkedIn Automation can sometimes be really challenging and complicated but you have to keep in mind that there is always a tool out there that is design with your exact predicament in mind, you just have to look for it.

LinkedIn Automation tools come with different features and have varying degrees of difficulty but none of them require any hardcore understanding of computer science, it just needs some basic experience to navigate through them.

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