10 Best & Most Trusted Self Storage in Atlanta (2022)

Self-storage Atlanta companies are the best way to store goods. When you are shifting or just have excess items in your house you might want to store them in a secure place. Self-storage lockers allow you to store all of the things you want in your comfort. You always have access to those units and they are safe.

Self-storage units are seen as the most convenient and cost-friendly way to store items for people. Many companies provide these storage facilities. We have focused on finding the best self-storage Atlanta companies.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Self Storage in Atlanta.

Brookhaven Storage

Brookhaven Storage

Self-storage solutions are one of the best ways to store the things which are important for you. One of the top companies in this field is Brookhaven storage. They have self-storage facilities in Atlanta which are ideal for all types of people. The company recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.

They have spent these years in the business perfecting their storage units and taking their business to the top. They offer some of the best solutions for self-storage in Atlanta. The company has managed to perfect the basics of its business.

This has helped them gain a lot of popularity among their clients. You will have a pleasant experience when using their storage facilities. Many hail them as the best self-storage Atlanta company. The company has a variety of sizes of lockers you can choose from. They have units as small as a cupboard and as large as a warehouse.

You have full access to your storage unit all days of the year. You can access your storage unit at any time from 6 in the morning to 10 at night. All rental contracts with them are drawn monthly. The company offers you the opportunity to shift to a different size storage unit without any additional cost.

Their online booking facility has made the experience great for their customers. You can ook a storage unit online and they promise to keep it prepared for you by the time you arrive. They have climate-controlled units which keep the items you store in superb condition.

Security Self-Storage

Security Self-Storage

Security Self-Storage is a centrally located Atlanta self-storage facility. As the name suggests they have an increased focus on the security of their storage unit. The company ensures you can rest at peace knowing that your stored items are safe with them. They have one of the newly opened facilities in Atlanta.

Security Self-Storage have state-of-the-art fasciitis which makes them one of the top companies in this business. They do all of the things right which makes them a leading choice. Unlike some of the competition, they give you 24/7 access to your storage facility.

They believe that their clients should always have access to their storage locker no matter what day of the week it is. They have Atlanta self-storage units that can serve any porpoise that you may have for them.

The different sizes help you to choose the unit which is ideal for your goods and gives you the best value for money.  When you shift your goods to their facility they give you a free move-in truck facility. They have well-planned Atlanta self-storage units. They have focused on providing the best security they can for all of your stored items.

All of their facilities have well-trained managers and staff. They are excellent at helping you choose the ideal Atlanta self-storage facility. They will assist you by telling you the ways to pack your items and much more. Security Self-Storage have storage units in 5 locations and are regarded as one of the best self-storage Atlanta facilities. Their storage units start at $29.

Space Shop Self Storage

Space Shop Self Storage

Space Shop Self-Storage is a chain of storage units. The company has its presence in Atlanta, South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and more. The company claims that they have managed to create a new line of storage units that are far superior to the ones currently in the market. They claim to have established themselves as the industry leaders in having new generation storage faculties.

The company prioritizes the user experience. They know that the foundation of a good business is with satisfied customers. To ensure the satisfaction of their customers they have a trained and experienced team of property managers who are willing to help you through every step when choosing their Atlanta self-storage units. All of their storage units have been recently renovated or made from scratch.

This ensures you have a top-notch user experience. You will have access to the safest self-storage Atlanta units. The company is very flexible with its rates and leases. They understand that moving and shifting is a complicated and hectic process for their clients. They want to reduce the pressure on their clients with their flexible packages.

These packages help you to have some breathing room. This shows why they are among the best Atlanta self-storage companies. They have a well-developed website as well. This website makes the entire process of selection of your storage unit much easier.

You can trust them to provide you with the best facility which can keep your stored items safe and secure. They help you through every step of the way and are a great Atlanta self-storage company.

South Cobb Storage

South Cobb Storage

South Cobb Storage is an Atlanta self-storage company. They are one of the few companies in this industry which are family-owned. The family started the bus9ness in 1985 and have been serving clients ever since the company had started as a small local storage company but has 2 huge locations now.

They have stuck to their business values which makes them famous in this business. Their care towards the needs of their customers is unparalleled. Having Atlanta self-storage units owned by a family makes their clients feel more secure of trusting then because of the better connection that they have with their clients.

The company is keeping up with the changing times. They have set up online payment facilities to make it more convenient for their clients. You can make your payments through MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and other online payment options. South Cobb Storage are also known for keeping the prices of their Atlanta self-storage units the lowest among their competition.

You can expect to get great value for money from their storage options. They have made self-storage in Atlanta much easier and more cost-effective for their customers. They have a huge customer base of clients who keep returning to them because of the fine services they have provided.

South Cobb Storage even say that they will match the price of any storage unit which is cheaper than theirs in Atlanta. They even have insurance for your storage lockers. These insurances are low-cost options that can be used by their clients to get additional security for the items they keep stored in the storage lockers.

Universal Storage

Universal Storage

Universal storage is a parent company that owns several Atlklanta self-storage units. They have storage units such as Ken co and Alpha Mini storage. They are based in Atlanta and serve cities across the USA. they run some of the most advanced facilities in Atlanta.

Universal storage is a storage solutions for all of your needs. You can find student storage, military storage, personal storage, business storage, and much more. Having these categories of storage solutions helps you find the best storage locker for your needs very quickly.

Needless to say, all of their Atlanta self-storage lockers are fitted with the latest technology. They even have upgraded their security systems to keep your locker protected at all times. They are a professional company which knows exactly what you need. You will have a great experience with them as your partners in storage.

They try their best to keep you satisfied with the experience they offer. They have been acclaimed as one of the best self-storage Atlanta companies. Universal storage and the companies which fall under its umbrella have p[roven time and time again that they are experienced in this field. They are relied upon by thousands when it comes to choosing the best self-storage Atlanta companies.

All American Self-Storage

All American Self-Storage

All American has received a lot of praise for the convenience they provide to their clients. They are a pan USA company with branches in major cities. Among all of these locations, their Atlanta self-storage units rank quite high.

The best part about their business is the speed at which you can rent an Atlanta self-storage locker. The company operates at breakneck speeds and cuts down on the unnecessary delays that many of these companies have.

You can visit the website of the company and rent a unit for self-storage in Atlanta in just 4 steps. The princess of renting the storage unit can be done online and after choosing the unit and filling in the documents you can move into the unit as soon as today.

This company provides a great solution when it comes to renting a storage unit as soon as possible. They are ideal for all of your last-minute storage needs.

Storage Xxtra

Storage Xxtra

Storage Xxtra has the best policies among all of the Atlanta self-storage companies. These policies make them customer friendly and have helped them to have a huge clientele. They have rate protection. This freezes the rate of rent for Atlanta self-storage units for a year. This prevents any sudden rise in prices.

They want their customers to get the bests services and policies like these show their intent. They take the payment for their storage facilities on the day you move in rather than the start of the month. Overall this company has all of the things you would want to see in a good Atlanta self-storage company.

Morningstar Storage

Morningstar Storage

Morningstar is one of the oldest companies in this business. They have the requisite experience needed to provide their customers with a seamless experience. They are the most versatile self-storage Atlanta company. You will find an assortment of sizes for you to choose from when you want to store your items. Their facilities are guard and have top-class surveillance measures to keep your stored items safe.

They have something which other companies cannot offer. They have marine storage solutions as well. These storage solutions are needed for boats and other marine vehicles. A combination of several choices and great staff have helped them seize a sizable portion of this industry. They are a reliable choice as one of the best Atlanta self-storage companies.

Atlanta Storage

Atlanta Storage

Atlanta storage makes it easy for you to store your goods. They not only provide great self-storage units but have thought of the entire storage process. They have partnered up with U-Haul.

This means that you have a truck ready to help you move goods to your Atlanta self-storage units. The only issue with them is their limited access time but it should not cause major problems for you. Using their website you can have contact-free rentals which is one of the most hassle-free ways to rent a storage unit in Atlanta.

U-Stor Self Storage

U-Stor Self Storage

U-Stor is the solution if you need smaller storage units. These units are great if you are looking to store smaller things. Each of their Atlanta storage units has personal alarms which keep your good safe.

They have easy access lockers which helps you to prevent any issues in carrying your goods from the car to the locker. They have worked hard to build their reputation in this business. All of their units are cleaned and sanitized before it is approved for storage.


Atlanta self-storage units provide you with great facilities. All of these Atlanta self-storage units are secure places where you can store anything you want. They are available at different price points depending on the storage size they offer. All of the companies on this list have made a name for themselves in this business.

You can trust them to give you only the best services available. The ideal company would depend on what you prioritize and the amount you are willing to shell out for Atlanta self-storage lockers. These companies are the best in this segment.

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