15 Best & Affordable Vacation Homes in Orlando in 2022

Orlando has always been a great visiting place in Florida. You can visit this city to get relaxed in its mesmerizing environment and several other interesting activities at vacation homes in Orlando.

Are you currently planning Orlando, Florida? Where are you planning to stay? We would suggest staying at the best vacation homes in Orlando to make your trip memorable and blissful.

Are you not sure which vacation home or vacation rentals of Orlando will be the best choice? Just take a walkthrough of this article and you will get a clear picture of the top 15 vacation homes in Orlando.

Here is the list of Best 15 Vacation Homes or Vacation Rentals in Orlando.

Fairway Florida

Fairway Florida - vacation homes in Orlando

Let us start with breathtaking vacation homes in Orlando, Fairways Florida villas are preferred by most visitors. This is a family holiday home that provides all kinds of comfort. It has accommodation of 3 to 6 bedrooms, townhouses for their guests.

This holiday home believes that safety is always the priority .and thus provides you with 24-hour emergency services, barbecue rentals, crib rentals, and also other ticket services.

The fully equipped games room, pool spa, and the Southern Dunes Golf Course scenery are some of the attractions of this vacation rental in Orlando FL. This group villa was established in 2004 and has been an absolute bliss for their guests since then.

You will not be disappointed with its decorated and furnished interiors and the spacious rooms that will refresh your mood for the rest of the trip. Their inspection policies and professional employees continuously ensure that you experience a relaxed and familiar experience throughout your stay.

This is located in Ambersweet Way, Florida which is just a few minutes away from the market. The Windsor Resort and the Bella Piazza Condo association are just a few miles away from this place.

Signature Bliss

Signature Bliss


Another best Orlando vacation rental that can stop your list is the signature bliss Orlando vacation homes.  This vacation home accommodates their guests with 2 to 15 bedroom rooms along with pools and other facilities.

The signature series homes and the elite series homes are mostly appreciated by the families because they had magical experiences throughout their stay.

The signature series magical homes can accommodate a minimum of 12 guests and thus provide you with a minimum of 5 bedrooms to 7 bedrooms homes along with fully-equipped bathrooms, kitchens, and game rooms. The range of these luxury homes can vary between $495 per night two $774 per night.

The Elite Series Homes accommodates around 22 people that can extend up to 30 in their 9 to 12 numbered bedrooms along with individual fully furnished bathrooms.

It will cost you around $800 per night to $4000 per night. Apart from these themed rooms, you get to enjoy the large pools for swimming and the cozy patio space.

It is located on the Osceola Polk Line Road near the north heritage crossing pool. This vacation home is located at the prime spot of Orlando and thus you get access to the drugstores, all kinds of dining spots, Citibank ATM, and other convenience stores. The theme parks are located at an accessibility distance.

Windsor Hills Resort 

Windsor Hills Resort 

Windsor Hills resort provides you with 3 to 6 bedroom homes accommodating up to 12 people. You get to enjoy your private pool and spa attached to each home.

This Orlando vacation rental home has a separate clubhouse and water parks for enjoy and this provides you with a relaxed environment throughout your trip.

This vacation home also provides many seasonal deals with at most remodeled stay experiences. They offer budget-friendly villas that can vary between $210 to $600 per night equipped with king-sized bedrooms, private pools, theatre rooms, and free clubhouses.

This resort is located at the heart of Kissimmee. From here on, you will get easy access to the Orlando International Airports and the main WDW entrance gates. The Universal Studios and the sea worlds are only 20 minutes away from this resort. The Orlando theme parks are also located at a contiguity distance.

Tuscan Hills

Tuscan Hills - vacation homes in Orlando

Tuscan Hills is amongst those Ornaldo vacation rentals that provide a wide range of amenities and up to 9 rooms accommodating more than 20 people. You will get budgeted homes with a relaxed environment and quality commitments.

If you are looking for good rental homes in Davenport, then Tuscan Hills is one such good vacation home and you can reach Orlando Vacation Homes 360 to book the same. Their high-profile rental homes are only a few minutes away from Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Orlando.

Tuscan hills vacation rentals home is located just a few minutes away from the main road connectors. Highway 27 is connected with the Tri-County Road and four corners Boulevard which is the main connectivity from this Vacation rental home of Davenport.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek

Wyndham Bonnet Creek - vacation homes in Orlando

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Is known for its spacious bedrooms and extraordinary amenities. These vacation homes can accommodate their guests in more than 3 bedrooms with attached kitchens and bathrooms.

Apart from this, they also provide hot tubs, lazy rivers, and fully equipped game room services to their guests as stressbusters. You will get barbecue grills, a private cabin, and also spacious outdoors for relaxation.

Unlike other vacation homes in Orlando, Wyndham Bonnet Creek has an exclusive gift shop, Concierge, On-site restaurant, coffee shop, shuttle, and business rooms. If you want to stay somewhere close to Torre de la Luna Tower, You can get reservations in these holiday homes.

The Disney World and Universal Orlando resort are just 9 minutes from this vacation home and the Sea World park is just 5 minutes away. You will get to enjoy the peaceful environment of the Caribbean key which is just around the corner. Since it is located at a privileged location, the marketplace, malls, clubs, town center, and great dining spots are not far away.

Ventura Resort

Ventura Resort

Established in 1983, Ventura resort has been providing quality vacation rentals to their visitors without any ample satisfaction.

They maintain a very natural environment which will give you a grand and a homely experience at the same time. This is one such vacation rental home in Orlando that does not include any hidden cost in their bills.

This vacation rental home has more than 150 fully furnished guest rooms with attached kitchens,  balconies, and bathrooms. They provide a free Wi-Fi zone, a laundry room, and a library.

For the relaxation of the guests, they provide a 24-hour gym and spa tub along with an on-site shopping center, picnic spot, and swimming pools.  To add a little more to your trip experience, Ventura resort also provides you with an open beach bar.

If you want to stay somewhere at the prime spot of the city, you can choose Ventura resort located at Taylor Ave Suite from where the city center is just six kilometers away and the train station and the airport is just 7 to 10 kilometer away.

Vista Cay Resort Orlando

Vista Cay Resort Orlando - vacation homes in Orlando

This is again one of the great Orlando vacation rental homes that provide exclusive townhome-style experiences to their guests. Their accommodation consists of at least three humongous bedrooms with two attached bathrooms.

Apart from this, Vista Cay also offers a private garage, balconies, and small open spaces to make your reservation more real-time and fruitful.

Since 2008, Vista Cay resort has never disappointed its visitors by providing great amenities such as pools, game rooms, a gym, 24/7 services,  and a pristine environment.

This Orlando vacation rental home is located near Universal Blvd that is connected with International drive. The Rosen College of hospitality is just across the street.

If you are willing to stay somewhere near Universal Studio Orlando, then booking reservations in Vista Cay Orlando will be the best choice for you.

You will get great clubs, shopping centers, and popular restaurants within a few minutes’ distances. Again Disneyland, Sea World, and the airports are just 15 to 20 minutes away from Vista Cay Orlando vacation home.

Encantada Resor

Encantada Resor - vacation homes in Orlando

This is again the highest-rated vacation home located in Orlando. It has a wide range of 3 to 7 bedrooms along with attached pools.

This vacation home provides you with quality amenities such as a fitness room, lounge, fully equipped game room, and a playground for your kids. Visitors enjoy this vacation home because of its pleasant environment and recreational activities.

This vacation home consists of 2 designed townhomes and decorated villas that can accommodate more than 10 people at a stretch. Encantada Resort is located about 1.9 miles away from Disneyland. The Animal Kingdom and the Orlando International Airport are just 3.3 miles and 35 minutes away from this resort.

If you are willing to stay in a prime location from where you will get access to all the popular restaurants and clubhouses such as Churchills, a Chinese buffet, Orange Lake Country club, Texas Roadhouse, etc, then you can select this vacation home in Orlando for your stay.

Manors at Westridge

Manors at Westridge 

If you are looking for a good vacation rental in Orlando, Devonport, Manors at Westridge can find its place on your list. This vacation rental has more than 5 bedrooms accommodating around 10 to 11 people at the same time.

The community pool, basketball court, volleyball court, soccer area, well-maintained clubhouse, separate reading rooms, and the best Gym equipment for gaining fitness are some of the attractions of this place.

If you are looking for a perfect place for your reunion or family gathering in Davenport, Orlando, this vacation home is highly recommended for you.

It is located around 18 kilometers away from Disney World resort and easily connected with US highway 27 and the Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway. From herein, you will get access to all the well-named restaurants, clubs, and markets of Orlando.

Magic Landings Vacation Home Rentals

Magic Landings Vacation Home Rentals 

Magic landings are known for their king-sized villas accommodating a minimum of 14 people at the same time. Most of the villas have separate pools and separate amenities facilities.

Its peaceful and enchanted environment is highly appreciated by the visitors. The vacation home always maintains a pristine environment and updates its amenities and educates its staff regularly.

If you want a vacation home with an attached pool, then you need to make prior reservations. Magic Landings offers theme parks and extensive neighborhoods that can be absolute bliss if you are tired of your daily life.

This vacation rental in Orlando is just 27 kilometers distant from the magic kingdom. The silver spurs arena and Osceola Heritage Park are just 0.7 miles away from this location.

If you are taking a family trip and want to stay in the center of the city, you can try booking this holiday home. The Orlando International Airport and the popular Lakevieware just 20 minutes away from this holiday home.

Oakwater Resort

Oakwater Resort

Oakwater resort provides you with 2 two three-bedroom homes that can accommodate around 10 people at a stretch. You get to enjoy the splash fountain, community pool, and fully-equipped clubhouses that are about 3800 square feet.

If you want you can also book the homes which have attached private swimming pools. This is a well-known place for relaxation and stress-buster.

Apart from this, Oakwater also has a volleyball court, basketball court, tennis court, and theme-designed rooms. The booking rates generally vary from $200 to $500 per night but can vary with the seasonal bookings.

The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are just 12 km and 4.5km away from this vacation home and the Sea World park is just 14 km away from this vacation home. You will find all your basic amenities such as shops, restaurants, or highways within just 0.5 miles of distance.



This is again a well maintained, highly preferred Orlando vacation rental .That has around 7 King sized bedrooms accommodating min 15 guests with attached bathrooms.

You will get an open living room and open kitchen along with your desired rooms. This home provides you with all the necessary amenities that you require to enjoy a grandeur vacation.

This vacation home is well equiped with private pools, a spa, well-equipped game rooms, a free Wi-Fi zone. And a parking lot allowing three cars for each group.

If you are visiting Orlando with your family, and want to provide the amazing splash park. And water slide, volleyball, soccer, and resort-style experience to your family. Then you should try booking these vacation rental homes in Orlando on a prior basis.

It is located in Sandy Park which is just 7 miles away from Walt Disney World and the Orlando airport is just 28 miles distant from this place. Most of the popular dining spots are available within walking distance and the market is just 2 miles away from this location.

Paradise Palms

Paradise Palms

The name of this vacation home describes itself. It is a two-storage down-home consisting of 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms accommodating more than 8 people straight. Along with the spacious bedrooms,

you will get to enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, living space, and private pools. This vacation home provides you with all the necessary daily requirements and complimentary Wi-Fi system and on-site parking. You will get budget-friendly rooms ranging between $130 to $285 per night.

This vacation home is located at the heart of Candy Palm Road . Where the museum, water parks, playgrounds, and the zoo are just a few minutes away. The Disney World and the Universal Orlando resort are just 20 minutes away from paradise palms.

Storey Lake Resort 

Storey Lake Resort 

Looking for good vacation rentals in Pequod Road? Try booking Storey Lake in Orlando. This vacation home provides 4 spacious bedrooms along with the attached bathrooms. Providing you with a relaxed and peaceful experience throughout your stay.

The bedrooms can accommodate a minimum of eight. People at the same time add come with the living room, dining room, and attached kitchen. They also have special arrangements for your pets and thus you don’t have to worry about that little one.

This vacation home is located at the peak spot of Kissimmee .Connecting you with although namely dining spots, marketplace, and shopping malls. If you are considering staying somewhere near the airport.

Then you can choose to book this vacation home as the Orlando International Airport. The Lake Buena Vista outlets are just 17 miles and 2.5 miles away from this vacation rental home.

Windsor Palms

Windsor Palms

Windsor farms is a well-know vacation rental in Orlando FL, that comes up with decorated 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms accommodating more than 8 people families at the same time.

The living room is also get fully equipped , A kitchen with necessary appliances are filled, an entertainment room, a private pool, and spa facilities.

The parking area is a complimentary gift from the resort. Along with the splendor hot tub, movie theatre, gym, playgrounds, and free Wi-Fi system. This Orlando vacation home also maintains tight security for all its visitors. This location is just 3 miles distant from Disney World and is located at the center of Orlando.

Where although shopping malls, dining spots. Formosa Gardens are just one mile away. The Disney theme park is also round. The corner which is not more than 4 miles distance from this vacation rental. The Orlando International Airport and highway 192 are within 500 yards of this vacation home.


Now, you know almost everything about the top Orlando vacation rentals and the top vacation homes in Orlando, Florida. Herein we have shortlisted only the top 15 vacation homes. You can also consider booking for other vacation homes in Orlando will match your requirements.

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