15 Best Ent Doctor in Dubai (Highly-Rated) 2022

If you are someone who has a health problem that is focused on your head (nose and ears specifically) and your neck (throat), then your doctor will advise you to consult an Otolaryngologist, because they are the physicians who treat problems related to your nose, throat, and areas related to your head and neck.

Otolaryngologists are popularly known as ENTs. The best ENT doctor in Dubai is trained in surgery and medicine to treat the problems related to the head and neck of the patient.

The history behind ENT doctors

In the 19th century, the doctors found that the head and neck of the patient had interconnected systems for which they developed the pertinent tools in order to look into these systems and how they work to determine and diagnose the problems that were related to the head and neck, which founded the specialty in medicine called Otolaryngology.

ENT doctor in Dubai is not just trained in knowing the treatments meant for these health problems that are related to the head and neck but they are also taught to perform surgical procedures as well.

Here is the list of the 15 Best ENT Doctors in Dubai. 

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ishwarlal Ramani

Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ishwarlal Ramani -best ent doctor in dubai

One of the best ENT doctor in Dubai, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Ishwarlal Ramani has MBBS, MS (ENT) and DN from India, and is a specialist ENT surgeon and specializes in general ear, nose and throat.

A well known expert in the microscopic ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, pediatric tonsillar and adenoidectomy, has also co-authored numerous articles of ENT for international and national publication. He is also multilingual and can speak English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Gujarati. He works at the Aster Clinic in Bur Dubai.

Dr. Levente Deak

Dr. Levente Deak - best ent doctor in dubai

Being one of the best ENT doctor in Dubai, Dr. Levente Deak is one of the few ENT surgeons who can restore the functionality and the symmetry of the nose, having done his ENT fellowship program in the US and also as the member of the European academy of Facial plastic surgery.

He has more than a decade of experience being an ENT consultant and is also an internally accredited surgeon and is known for his skills in research for which he received the Bekesy and Spoendlin awards. Dr. Levente Deak has written numerous papers that have been published in various international scientific journals.

The conditions treated and procedures performed by Dr. Levente Deak are Tonsillectomy, Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Adenoidectomy, Turbinectomy and Nasal Endoscopy. Dr. Levente Deak practices at the Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital in Dubai Healthcare City, Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Center.

Dr. Arturo Mario Poletti

Dr. Arturo Mario Poletti - best ent doctor in dubai

Dr. Arturo Mario Poletti is a renowned ENT doctor in Dubai who specializes in Otorhinolaryngology (Head & Neck Surgery and Audiology). He is a Consultant Otolaryngologist Surgeon that is an on-call doctor for crucial and critical cases. He has expertise in the microsurgery of the skull base and the ear, neck tumors, laser surgery of the ear, nose, and larynx, thyroid surgery, salivary glands surgery. Dr. Arturo Mario Poletti practices at the American hospital in Dubai as a consultant Otolaryngologist.

Dr. Prashant Matti Prabhu

Dr. Prashant Matti Prabhu - best ent doctor in dubai

Dr. Prashant Matti Prabhu is an endoscopic ENT surgeon who has a decade of experience in ENT. He is multilingual and can speak in English, Malayalam, Kannada, Konkani, Hindi and Tulu. Being one of the best ENT doctor in Dubai, he was also a gold medalist from the Manipal University in the year of 2008.

Dr. Prashant Matti Prabhu core expertise are in Micro laryngeal surgeries, Endoscopic Sinus surgeries, management of allergic Rhinitis, management of hearing loss in adults and children, Endoscopic and Microscopic ear surgeries and the management of voice disorders. He works at the Aster Clinic in Abu Hail, Dubai.

Dr. Udaya Chand Das

Dr. Udaya Chand Das - best ent doctor in dubai

One of the best ENT doctor in Dubai, Dr. Udaya Chand Das has more than twenty years of experience in ENT and treats all forms of ENT related diseases. He believes in using the latest techniques in surgery with a personalized approach for every patient.

Dr. Khalid Iqbal


Dr. Khalid Iqbal - best ent doctor in dubai

Dr. Khalid Iqbal is the best ENT doctor in Dubai and has an MBBS and MS in ENT from one of the most famous universities in India, the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College of AMU. He specializes in nasal surgery, microscopic ear surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery. Dr. Khalid Iqbal practices in the Aster Clinic, Discovery Gardens in Dubai and is trilingual in English, Urdu and Hindi.

Dr. Ameen Hadi Said Almenhali

Dr. Ameen Hadi Said Almenhali  - best ent doctor in dubai

Dr. Ameen Hadi Said Almenhali is one of the most experienced ENT doctor in Dubai and is also the head of the ENT department at the Mafraq hospital. He also works at the Mediclinic as a consultant and can perform endoscopic ear surgeries, evaluate the loss of hearing ability, analyze vertigo, treat tinnitus and every other diseases and surgeries related to the ear when it comes to the field of Otology.

When it comes to the area of Rhinology, Dr. Ameen Hadi Said Almenhali treats nasal polyps, various diseases of the nose and septal deviations.

His core competencies are the treatment of the larynx, head and neck conditions with the help of advanced endoscopic evaluations and equipment required for surgical procedures for the swelling, neck mass, hoarseness of voice, a number of laryngeal disorders and dysphagia.

Dr. Mulham Abdul Fattah Yassin

Dr. Mulham Abdul Fattah Yassin - best ent doctor in dubai

Dr. Mulham Abdul Fattah Yassin is one of the most popular ENT doctor Dubai that practices in the Dr. Mulham Polyclinic, Al Hudaiba in Dubai. This ENT doctor in Dubai has more than a decade worth of experience in the field as an ENT consultant and is popularly known to go to the bottom of problem, dealing with the root cause that is causing the trouble.

Dr. Mulham Abdul Fattah Yassin is considered to be one of the best ENT doctor in Dubai and rightly so because of the fact that even his patients find no fault in his diagnoses or treatment offered by him.

Dr. Ausama Alaani

Dr. Ausama Alaani- best ent doctor in dubai

Dr. Ausama Alaani is an ENT consultant surgeon with two decades worth of experience and more, and has special interests in thyroid surgery and rhinoplasty. He was also an ENT consultant at the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. Being one of the popular ENT doctor in Dubai, Dr. Ausama Alaani is fluent in not only English and French but Arabic as well.

He practices at the American Hospital Dubai and offers clinical expertise on Parotid and Salivary Glands Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Ear Surgery – specializing in Mastoidectomy, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Tympanoplasty, Head and Neck Cancer Surgery, Pituitary Gland Surgery, Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery, Opening the lacrimal system to the nose, Larynx and Voice Surgery.

Dr. Ayham Fallouh

Dr. Ayham Fallouh - best ent doctor in dubai

Dr. Ayham Fallouh is one of the few ENT doctors in Dubai who is often described as kind, reassuring and honest. He practices at the Dubai London Clinic & Specialty Hospital, Umm Suqeim in Dubai and has performed more than two thousand Rhinoplasty surgeries, thousand surgeries of Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy, especially in children.

 Dr. Bernard Hoffman

 Dr. Bernard Hoffman 

Dr. Bernard Hoffmann is one of the best ENT doctors in Dubai that works as a consultant for the ear, throat and nose surgery. He procured the board certification in Germany for Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) in the year of 2006. He gained experience in the same country at the Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, in Berlin, and completed a fellowship in Amsterdam.

Dr. Bernard Hoffman specializes in Ear and sinus surgery, Surgical treatment of sleep disorders, Pediatric ENT, treatment of hearing and balance disorders, Nose and Throat Surgery. He practices at the Harley street medical center in Dubai.

 Dr. Mohamed El Shinnawi

 Dr. Mohamed El Shinnawi

Dr. Mohamed El Shinnawi is an ENT doctor in Dubai who has about two decades of professional experience in the field of ENT. He works as a ENT consultant surgeon in the NMC specialty hospital in Dubai. He specializes in microscopic middle ear surgery, vestibulogy and endoscopic sinus surgery.

  Dr. Bechara Zogheib

  Dr. Bechara Zogheib

Dr. Bechara Zogheib is one of the best ENT doctor in Dubai who works as a consultant in the American European Medical Center. Having more than two decades of professional experience in this field of ENT and more than two thousand surgical procedures, his services include the endoscopic sinus surgery.

Laser treatment and endoscopic assessments for snoring, vocal cords, polyps and nose Blockage, Audiometric testing for hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus, Endoscopic and radiological assessments for migraine, Examinations and treatment of blocked airways in young children and microsurgery of the ear.

 Dr. Fadi Kanaan

 Dr. Fadi Kanaan

Dr. Fadi Kanaan is one of the best ENT doctor in Dubai who was an ENT consultant in the ENT consultant in Belfort-Mont Beliard Hospital, in France for four years. He was also the head of the ENT department at Al Ain Hospital for two years, and again, the head of the ENT department at the Tawam hospital for 13 years.

The core competencies of Dr. Fadi Kanaan are rhinoplasty, otoplasty, Otology specializing in middle ear surgery, Facial plastic surgery with minimal invasive and endonasal, turbinate reduction, Thyroid and parathyroid surgeries, treatment of dizziness and tinnitus, head & neck surgeries (oncology and non-oncology cases).

 Dr. Hashim Moayed Abdul Wahed

 Dr. Hashim Moayed Abdul Wahed

Dr. Hashim Moayed Abdul Wahed is one of the best ENT doctors in Dubai that works as an ENT consultant at the Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital since the year of 2008.

He has previously worked in a number of hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Iraq before working for the Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital in Dubai.

Dr. Hashim Moayed Abdul Wahed’s core competencies include the Treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, treatment of allergic rhinitis, Endoscopic treatment of sinus infections, septoplasty and turbinate reduction, d rehabilitation of hearing loss, examination and management of headaches, tinnitus and vertigo, examination and management of dysphonia and dysphagia.

What do the ENT doctor in Dubai treat?

The ENT doctor Dubai treats disorders that deal with the balance of the individual and diagnose the reasons behind the cause of spells of dizziness and vertigo.

They treat the loss of hearing which include medical treatment and surgical treatment as well. The ENT doctors in Dubai also help in the rehabilitation with the help of hearing aids and implantable devices in the ear.

They also specialize in treating the tumors in the head and neck, facial paralysis, disorders that are related to the nose which includes breathing problems, allergic reactions and diseases, chronic and acute sinusitis and nasal deformities.

An ENT doctor in Dubai has numerous specializations like otology, pediatric otolaryngology, laryngology and so on, and often, many otolaryngologists prefer undertaking an additional study to specialize in their specialty.

The specialties of the best ENT doctor in Dubai

  • Ent doctors in Dubai treat the disorders of the neck (throat).
  • They help in managing and medicating the allergies.
  • The best ENT doctor Dubai performs surgeries on the face, neck or even ear for functional, cosmetic and reconstructive purposes depending on the need of the patient.
  • They treat the tumors of the neck and head.

From treating infections, tumors, ear problems and nerve pathway disorders that affect the hearing ability and balance of the patient, the ENT doctors also attend to the disorders of the sinuses and the ENT diseases found in children.

The surgical treatments and tests offered by ENT doctor in Dubai

The best ENT doctor in Dubai can perform Tympanoplasty for perforations in the tympanic membrane, implanting hearing aids, endoscopic surgery of the ear, placement of the ear tube, Parotidectomy, sinus surgery, plastic surgery for the face, Rhinoplasty, surgery meant for disorders associated with balance of the patient, Mastoidectomy, Adenoidectomy, surgery for the diseases related to vocal cords, Turbinate reduction, Tonsillectomy and Septoplasty.

The best ENT doctor in Dubai are also proficient in conducting Audiometry tests, Video head impulse testing, Tympanometry, Hearing aid evaluation and fitting, Auditory brainstem testing, Otoacoustic emissions testing and the Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials tests.

The qualifications needed by the best ENT doctor in Dubai.

In order to receive the complete certification from the Board of Otolaryngology, the medical students must complete 4 years of medical school and another 5 years of residency. The first year of the residency program is spent learning and training in critical care, basic surgery, anesthesia and emergency medicine.

The resident who specializes in ENT will have to then complete another 51 months of education in the specialty where they have to spend their final year of residency as a chief resident under the approved institution.

The otolaryngologist in training can then take the examination for the board certification which includes an oral and written examination. They can continue studying and complete a fellowship which is a one or two year course of comprehensive and extensive training that is completely focuses on the subspecialities of Otolaryngology.

Final note

These were the list of 15 recommended and the best ENT doctors in Dubai, who not only have years of experience and expertise in the field of ENT but also have positive reviews by the patients who have been diagnosed and treated by them.

These are experts in their area of ENT and have a team of highly qualified medical professionals who provide international standard of high quality care and make sure that their patient always comes first. These ENT doctor in Dubai know what they are doing and are known to provide the best care for what the patient needs.

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