30 of Black Friday’s Best Buys

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

In case you don’t have thousands of promotional Black Friday emails sitting in your inbox, allow me to give you the lowdown on the products worth checking out. Truthfully, I’m not one to scour the internet for the top deals. Instead, I like to check my wish list first to see if any of my saved items are on sale. This way, I’m strategic about my purchases and not just buying another black sweater because it happens to be 10% off. Don’t get me wrong—I love a spontaneous shopping spree as much as the next girl, but with endless online options, my process makes things a little easier. Luckily for me, some of my wish-list items have already made the Black Friday cut: the Balenciaga Le Cagole bag, New Balance sneakers, and this incredible Celine bomber jacket are (shockingly) included. So keep scrolling to shop my fashion and home décor picks before they sell out.

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