5 Best Places to Buy Voice-0ver in 2022

Whether you have a business project in hand or you are looking for alternative and innovative resources to make work easier for you and your employees, in this blog you will find the best voice-over providers in 2022. In other words, professional voice-over providers who explain how they can help you and your employees through business explanations, phone messages, or eLearning.

There will be 5 different providers where you can find the best professionals to suit your business needs, your language, style, and all the details that will make this resource a new working tool for your company. Wherever you are, there are services for every city and country, since the diversity of languages and dialects, in general, is very wide in all the providers that will be mentioned and detailed below.

Top 5

Firstly, it is worth noting the important differences that makeVoquentthe best voice-over search platform among the alternatives presented here. Therefore, Voquent’s services stand out for their super-fast casting because all the demos are in one style and tone so you can quickly find the type of vocal sound you need.

It is also remarkable that they have the most detailed and comprehensive search of more than 1.700 dialects and accents and that they have verified voices that prove that the speaker’s home studio is tested and approved by qualified audio engineers.

Secondly, there is the Voice Archive service, a platform where you can choose from more than 2,100 voices immediately and very easily, just choose the language you want and whether you want the voice to be male or female. Large companies such as Mcdonald’s or Google have already used the services of this complete platform.

Thirdly, a quick and easy voice search engine known as VoiceBooking has a smart database limited to 25 voiceovers per category. However, although it is a more limited platform than the previous ones, it tends to have a very exhaustive and exact search so that each user can find the voice, tone, and style they are looking for

Fourthly, a voice studio calledVoice Bunny that in 12 hours can have the voice you want from over 5,000 voices. You can also consult voice acting samples in more than 100 languages and accents. In its search function, you can not only choose the voice that best suits your needs, but also specific artists who lend their voice.

You can choose from a wide range of possibilities as they are classified by filters of gender, age, language and field. In other words, if you are looking for a female voice for a children’s audiobook aimed at young readers, all you should do is set these filters for your search.

As a last alternative, there is Voices.com, which despite being listed last, is one of the best options in this post, as it is one of the most highly valued in the market. You can choose from more than 2,000,000 voices from 160 different countries without having to worry about possible problems with translation, style, audio, or music services; everything is included on this platform.

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