Digi-Key video series highlights “Revolutionizing Automation”

Sponsored by Omron and Siemens, the four-part video series highlights how Digi-Key itself processes 5.3 million orders annually, with the efficiency of the supply chain involving sensors, motors and controllers, robotics, connectors, power and RFID, among other elements.

“Automation and control components are not only something that Digi-Key offers in its extensive product portfolio, but also something that we use every day to ensure that orders are fulfilled quickly, safely and effectively,” said Eric Wendt, director of automation at Digi-Key. “Automation and control is a quickly-growing market that is essential to ensuring global supply chains continue to run smoothly throughout ups and downs, so we are excited to share more about Digi-Key’s use of this technology in this video series.”


The first video in the series – available now – is “Totally Integrated Automation”. It includes conversations with leading figures at Siemens about the building blocks of  a Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), which is now available to Digi-Key customers.

The next episode, “Robotics and Machinery”, looks at how Digi-Key is using new robotics technologies from Omron, and others, to automate tasks throughout the company’s warehouse. The video will be released in early April.

In late April, the third episode, “Inventory Management and Sorting”, focuses on the Siemens products that are enabling the management of Digi-Key’s new facility, a hub of automation solutions that manage one of the largest electronics catalogs in the industry.

The fourth and final video in the series is called “Efficiency and Worker Safety” and will be launched in May, highlighting the ways Omron’s automation solutions can streamline routine tasks to help keep workers safe.

You can watch the video series and see how Digi-Key is addressing the future of automation and control on the Digi-Key website.

Previous Digi-Key video series include “Factory Tomorrow“, “Smarter, Safer Cities” and “Potentially Genius“.

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