Fully Cooper Standing Desktop Converter (Review / Pricing)

The Cooper standing desk converter is a product by Fully. Fully acknowledges on their website that they are aware of the already saturated converter market, but didn’t feel that any of the products “nailed it” so they wanted to build their own. They wanted to focus on four major areas: stability, ease of use, work surface area and sustainability. We were one of the first customers to purchase a Cooper.  Here is what we have found through our time using the Cooper.

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Fully Cooper Review Snapshot



  • Infinite Position Lock
  • Good Stability
  • Large task & monitor space
  • Spacious Keyboard Tray
  • Good for Tall People


  • Short warranty
  • Dual ergonomics requires monitor arm
  • Saftey concerns with base design
  • Raises minimum keyboard height


Fully Cooper Manufacturer

The Cooper is a product developed by Fully in conjunction with factories in China. Fully, formerly Ergo Depot, is an ergonomic retailer that also sells the popular Jarvis electric standing desk. They have had a large online presence for many years now and also have a few stores across the country.


Country of Origin
Specs / Features / Pricing

Return Policy and Warranty
Build Quality

Making Adjustments
Task and Keyboard Space
Wire Management

What I Like
What I Don’t Like
Bottom Line

Made in China

Made in China
Weight Limit: 35 lbs.
Overall at lowest height: 36.25”W x 23”D x 5 7/8”H
Overall at highest height: 36.25”W x 23”D x 22 7/8”H
Base Dimensions: 36.25”W x 23”D
Keyboard Platform Dimensions: 29.25”W x 11.75”D
Monitor Platform Dimensions: 35.5”W x 21”D
Max Keyboard Platform Height: 18.25”H
Max Monitor Platform Height: 23.5”H
Min Keyboard Platform Height: 1”H
Min Monitor Platform Height: 5 7/8”H
Distance Keyboard to Monitor: 4 7/8”

Cooper Product Features

Gas assisted lift mechanism with infinite position lock
Adjustable tension adjustment
Sits on top of your existing desk
Straight up & down movement
Two-tier design: Upper monitor platform with lower keyboard & mouse platform

2022 Price – $431.96 (Buy on Amazon)

Finish Options

Black or Bamboo Finish

Fully accepts returns on the Cooper within the first 30 days. The item must be in the original packaging and in like new condition. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges but there are no restocking fees.


The Cooper has a 2-year warranty on all parts. There are no exclusions.

The Cooper shipped the next business day after ordering. It arrived five days later via FedEx Ground. The item was packaged very well. FedEx was not very gentle with the box. It had a large puncture hole in the side, but the Cooper was not damaged. There was no cosmetic damage and the unit functioned as intended.


The Cooper does not require assembly, but you may need to spend a little time on the tension adjustment if the unit is difficult for you to adjust out of the box. It took me about 10 minutes to find the best tension level for me. I think that the easiest way to find the best tension is to loosen the tension all the way and then work up from there. I found that my preferred set-up is about five full turns from the loosest setting.

Adjustable Tension

The Cooper uses an x-base design that is featured on other popular models like the AirRise Pro and VersaDesk Power. You have probably seen this design on a standard ironing board. As the base widens, the height of the Cooper lowers. As the base narrows, the height increases.

I am very impressed with the build quality and sleek look on the Cooper, especially when compared to similar products like the FlexiSpot M2 and Varidesk Pro Plus. The base on the Coopers feels very robust. The metal is thick, heavy and feels extremely durable. The locking gas lift used on the Cooper is a step-up in quality over basic gas cylinders used on competing models that need another mechanism to lock the unit in place. Fully also took the steps to ensure a smooth adjustment process by using a plastic housing on the adjustment bars to ensure a proper fit along with a well-greased bracket.

The bamboo material used on the worksurface is not only an upgrade in quality over the particle board or plastic used on other models but it looks very nice. The bamboo option by Fully provides a very visually appealing look for customers that want something different than black or white.

The base on the Cooper is quite large and will require a desk space of at least 36.25”W x 23”D. The monitor platform isn’t as wide as the base but you will need about 4” of extra depth to allow for the keyboard tray to have proper clearance. The Cooper moves straight up and down so you will need the same amount of space at any height.

The large, heavy nature of the Cooper does not make it feasible to conveniently move it from one office to another. The Cooper is not meant to be moved around the desk it is placed on. Simply put, the Cooper is not a good standing desk converter for mobility.

Pressing the handle underneath the right side of the monitor platform will unlock the unit, allowing you to move it freely. Hold the handle down until you reach your desired height. Release the handle to lock the unit in place. The Cooper features infinite position locking so you can choose whichever position you’d like. The movement is assisted by a strong gas lift that can be adjusted to your tension preference. The Cooper is very easy to use at low to mid-range heights but gets more difficult as you get higher. The Cooper is still fairly easy to adjust but not as easy as models like the WorkFit-T or VariDesk Pro Plus.

Single Adjustment Handle on Cooper
Single Adjustment Handle on Cooper

The base on the Cooper is a touch wider and deeper than the worksurface. The base is also very heavy and produces a straight up and down movement pattern. These features make the Cooper a very stable product at sitting height and standing height. I did not notice any keyboard bounce or monitor shake at any heights during my testing.

X Frame

One thing that I hadn’t seen on a standing desk converter is the small amount of horizontal play the worksurface on the Cooper has. There are metal bars just beneath the worksurface that run front to back. These bars are housed by a bracket on each end but the bracket is not fully snug to the bar. This produces a little bit wiggle on a horizontal plane. This movement did not affect the way I worked and didn’t affect the stability of the product.

Sitting Wobble (10%) Standing Wobble (15%) Sitting Bounce (10%) Standing Bounce (15%) Sitting Shake (10%) Standing Shake (15%) General (25%) Total Score
100/100 90/100 100/100 80/100 90/100 75/100 85/100 87/100


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After months of testing 40+ desk risers, the results are in!

The Cooper does not have the ability to adjust the keyboard tray and monitor platform separately of each other so the Cooper lacks dual ergonomics. Fully recommends adding a Jarvis monitor arm (Buy on Amazon) to the Cooper for a dual ergonomic experience. This will cost an extra $129.00 but will allow a much wider adjustment range. Without dual ergonomics, it will be tough to achieve an ergonomic viewing height and keyboard height at the same time.

The Cooper has a large adjustment range but it must be noted that the starting height of your desk will be increased by about an inch when in the sitting position. This will alter most people’s normal sitting typing position. The minimum monitor platform height is quite high too, at just over 6”. This will cause a lot of people to have an upward monitor viewing angle when sitting. From there, the Cooper has a large 17” adjustment range.

The recommended ergonomic monitor viewing range to reduce eye strain is 20”-40”. My monitor was about 19” from the front of the keyboard tray which put me right in the middle of the proper ergonomic viewing distance.


The main worksurface is very spacious with no cut-outs. Fully chose to utilize a design in which the worksurface hangs over the keyboard platform. I am a big fan of this design as opposed to having a cut-out in the worksurface like we have seen on models like the Varidesk Pro Plus and Rocelco ADR. Having a full rectangle is much more practical for large objects like catalogues, notebooks or tablets. The work surface provides plenty of space for dual monitors and any accessories you need within close proximity.

Large Working Area

The main work surface is very spacious with no cut-outs. Fully chose to utilize a design in which the worksurface hangs over the keyboard platform. I am a big fan of this design as opposed to having a cutout in the work surface like we have seen on models like the Varidesk Pro Plus and Rocelco ADR. Having a full rectangle is much more practical for large objects like catalogues, notebooks or tablets. The work surface provides plenty of space for dual monitors and any accessories you need within close proximity.

Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray provides a lot of space. It is both plenty wide and deep to fit my oversized keyboard. There is also plenty of space for mousing. Your movements will not be limited by a smaller space like the ADR or Kangaroo. Fully also includes a low-profile mouse pad that can be used on the keyboard tray.

The Cooper provides a small clip on the underside of the work surface that can be used to manage cords going from your keyboard platform to your computer. This clip is positioned in a way to keep your cords safe from the pinch points caused by the x base. The Cooper does not provide wire management for items on top of the work surface. This will be merely a cosmetic issue.  The cords will not be in danger of pinch points if they run straight off the back of the work surface.

Any x-base design, like the Cooper, is going to have its inherent safety risks due to the multiple pinch points on the unit. I have two specific areas of concern. The first is where the metal base moves and runs up against the frame’s inner side wall. This pinch point is strong enough to crush objects, fingers or hands. Fully has large stickers in the area to warn you of this danger.

The second area of concern is a pinch point near the handle you use to make adjustments. This area is where the top of the x-base meets the worksurface. It has a metal bracket surrounding as much of the base as possible while still allowing it to function. But, the inner portion remains exposed so that the base can slide along the bracket. There is the potential to get your finger pinched in this bracket if you reach too far under the worksurface when operating the handle.

Infinite Position Lock

The list of z or x shaped standing desk converters that feature infinite position lock is quite short. Products like the VertDesk Converter and FlexiSpot F3M come to mind. The Cooper joins them on this list. Being able to choose whatever height you want instead of predetermined heights from the manufacturer is a big advantage.

Good Stability

The Cooper is one of the most stable converters I have used to date. The combination of better quality parts, a larger base design and a straight up and down lifting pattern make the Cooper very stable at all heights. The ¾” bamboo also provides a more stable surface than particle board, phenolic or plastic so the Cooper has less keyboard bounce than competing models.

Lots of Task & Monitor Space

The Cooper is right up there with the FlexiSpot M2 and Winston when it comes to the most usable task space. The Cooper does not force you to choose which objects are most important and therefore will make the cut to be on your worksurface. There is plenty of space for any items you need, along with a dual monitor set-up.

Spacious Keyboard Tray

The keyboard platform is also among the largest available, which is great for people with oversized keyboards or users with large mouse patterns. The keyboard tray is also a rectangle with no palm supports attached, so you are able to use the full tray if you’d like.

Good for Tall People

The Cooper has the largest adjustment range that I have found on a unit that does not feature dual ergonomics. According to our standing height calculator, the Cooper can accommodate an ergonomic keyboard position for users up to 6’4”. It is important to note that your monitor may not be in an ergonomic position since it cannot be adjusted independently without the addition of a monitor arm.

Short Warranty

One complaint I have with the Cooper is the warranty. With so many competing models offering warranties of five years, two years feels a bit lacking. The locking gas lift is a specific concern with regard to the warranty. While the locking cylinder used is better than standard cylinders, it is still coming out of China so it isn’t going to be the same quality as the gas lifts made by American companies. Having the unit become unusable because of a gas lift that is no longer covered under warranty is a concern I have.

Not Ergonomic for All

As discussed earlier, the Cooper is not ergonomic for everyone. The overall adjustment range is fantastic but the lack of dual ergonomics right out of the box means that some people will have a downward monitor viewing angle. Another problem may be posed for people when they are sitting because of the increased height of the keyboard tray and monitor. This will be especially concerning for short people.

Safety Concerns

All standing desk converters with a similar base design to the Cooper have the risks with multiple pinch points. But, most products keep the pinch points away from your hands and fingers while you are making adjustments. The numerous pinch points and dangerous locations are definitely something to consider on the Cooper.


I believe the Cooper is a big upgrade over lower priced products like the Rocelco ADR, AirRise Pro and Uplift Adapt. I also think that it provides more value than higher priced items like the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 and VersaDesk Power. It arrives fast and ready to go right out of the box. It has a wide adjustment range that is easy to operate and a huge task space. The Cooper also looks nice while providing a lot of stability. The bottom line is that the warranty could use a little work, there are a few safety concerns and the Cooper won’t be a true ergonomic experience for everyone but I think it is a very nice product.

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