Here’s Exactly How to Use Color Corrector

Unlike other complexion products, color correctors aren’t chosen based on your skin tone at all. Instead, color correctors are chosen based on the tones you’re trying to cancel out. “Color correctors are designed off the color wheel and complementary colors. Complementary colors cancel each other out,” says Kelsey Deenihan, celebrity makeup artist and BareMinerals ambassador.

Duyos has a quick rundown for color correcting. “For blue or gray tones like dark under-eye circles or gray to brown patches on the skin, try using a peach for light to medium skin tones or an orange color corrector for tan to deep skin tones,” he says. “For acne-prone skin, rosacea with texture, dermatitis, or excessive redness, try using a green or olive color corrector. For slight or surface redness in light to medium skin tones or to reduce dullness in tan skin tones, try using a yellow color corrector.”

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