How to create Focus profiles on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone

We wear a lot of hats throughout the day and so do our gadgets. While working, you don’t want to get pulled away from what you’re doing by constant notifications and reminders popping up on your iPhone. At home, you mute updates from your job to stay in the moment with your family. We also use a different set of apps depending on where we are. With the Focus tool on your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, your devices can automatically adapt to these various roles.

Think of Focus as a customizable Do Not Disturb mode. You can create as many Focus profiles as you want — one for every activity, such as work, play, gym, and more. You can personalize each profile to set who can contact you when it’s active and which apps are available on the Home Screen. Here’s how to use Focus on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Set up Focus profiles on iPhone and iPad

To set up a new Focus profile on your iPhone or iPad, first, make sure it’s running the latest iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 updates. You can check for updates from Settings > General > Software Update.

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Next, navigate to Settings > Focus. Your device will be pre-configured with four profiles already. You can either edit these to your preferences or tap the plus button at the top right corner.

Create a new Focus profile on iPhone and iPad

If you choose the plus option, you’re asked to name the profile on the next step. Tap “Custom” to build a Focus profile from scratch or pick from a handful of existing presets for activities like “Gaming” and “Reading.” These presets are already tuned to what you might use them for, and they can even automatically activate based on certain actions. The “Fitness” mode, for instance, kicks in when you fire up a workout on Apple Fitness+.

How to create Focus profiles on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone

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For this tutorial, we’ll go through constructing a fresh Focus profile. So select the “Custom” option under the plus button and on the following page, give it a title.  You also need to attach a thumbnail to it, which will appear on your device’s status bar to inform you the mode is active. Hit “Next” to continue.

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