Maxim Integrated MAX77501 Piezo Haptic Actuator Boost Driver

Maxim Integrated MAX77501 Piezo Haptic Actuator Boost Driver is a high-efficiency controller driver for piezo haptic actuators. The driver is optimized for driving up to 2µF piezo elements. It can generate a single-ended haptic waveform of up to 110VPK-PK amplitude from a 2.8V to 5.5V input power supply or a single-cell Li+ battery. Memory playback and haptic waveforms in real-time streaming modes are supported.


  • 110VPK-PK haptic waveforms generation
  • Optimized for up to 2µF haptic piezo actuator
  • 2.8V to 5.5V input supply range
  • 600μs start-up time to haptic playback
  • High-efficiency, low IQ extends battery life
    • 75μA standby current/1μA shutdown current
    • Maxim patented ultra-low-power boost architecture
  • 12-bit haptic waveform playback DAC
  • Real-time streaming and RAM playback modes
    • 9k FIFO buffer with FIFO ready status signal
    • 8k RAM buffer for waveforms storage
  • 25MHz SPI interface
    • SPI ready, warning and fault conditions interrupt
  • Protection features
    • Programmable cycle-by-cycle overcurrent limit, 130V overvoltage, UVLO, and thermal protection
  • Small size and low profile
    • 2.42mm x 2.02mm, 30 bump WLP

Application Circuit

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