One of the Queen’s strange eating habits has been revealed and it’s so relatable

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    After her viral comment about the food at Buckingham Palace, the Royal butler has let us in on one of the Queen’s strange eating habits. 

    We know loads about the food she’s banned from her kitchens and the one thing she eats everyday but the Queen’s eating habits have always been a mystery. Finally the Royal butler, Grant Harold, has told a secret about how the monarch likes her steak. 

    “The Queen likes beef well done,” the butler revealed to MyLondon. Apparently, this is “not normal” in the world of aristocracy. He says: “I find in the world of aristocracy, things are always kind of medium or rare.” 

    Having worked with the Windsors for over seven years (he is butler to Prince Charles at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire) Grant Harold knows his stuff when it comes to royal eating habits. Of which, there are loads…

    While the family follows a healthy diet of home-cooked meals, they make sure that their chef doesn’t cook with garlic. Probably wise if you’ve got public engagements all day. 

    On top of the garlic ban, Prince Charles skips lunch loads. And, once the Queen has finished eating everyone at the table must also close their knife and fork. 

    The monarch always has a knife and fork at hand when she eats bananas, which she cuts up into small pieces before eating them. In an interview with former royal chef, Darren McGrady, Marie Claire also learnt that she often eats fruit out of Tupperware. Who’d have thought? 

    The Queen also has a famous sweet tooth. So much so that she has a slice of chocolate biscuit cake everyday. Don’t worry, if she doesn’t have time to eat it at dinner, she’ll indulge whilst travelling. 

    You’ll be pleased to know that, as well as liking her food well done, the Queen also removes the crusts from her sandwiches. 

    From fruit to desserts, it seems like the Queen has similar habits to the rest of us. 

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