Over 20 Brands Fashion Editors Are Obsessed With

With so many brands out there, finding your favorite or ones that are actually worth your money can be challenging, especially with so many trend-focused brands that are cool one day, and then the next, no one is wearing it. As someone who likes to keep sustainability in mind when it comes to my wardrobe, I hate the idea of ordering pieces that will be cool for the moment but end up in the bottom of my donation pile. As I’m growing my wardrobe, I want to shop smart and invest in the right brands that not only make great pieces that will last a lifetime but also have designers/founders whose message I support and want to represent. It’s difficult to find brands that people genuinely love. With so many of our favorite influencers and celebrities signing deals with brands to show them some love for a check, how do I know which brands are actually worth giving my money to or if they just have great marketing?

While looking for new brands worth looking into, I thought, who better to ask than the ultra-chic and stylish editors we have here at Who What Wear? I mean, when it comes to great brands and shopping advice, I have to say that Who What What editors are essentially the dream team. I asked some editors what brands they love so much they’d promote them for free, and the brands they gave me are so good I almost don’t want to share. But gatekeeping just isn’t my style, so keep scrolling to see the coolest brands that fashion people won’t shut up about.

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