Texas Instruments DRV8251 4.1A Brushed DC Motor Driver

Texas Instruments DRV8251 4.1A Brushed DC Motor Driver is an integrated motor driver with N-channel H-bridge, charge pump, current regulation, and protection circuitry. The charge pump improves efficiency by supporting N-channel MOSFET half-bridges and 100% duty cycle driving. The DRV8251 implements a current regulation feature by comparing the analog input VREF and the voltage across a current-sense shunt resistor on the ISEN pin. The ability to limit current can significantly reduce large currents during motor startup and stall conditions.

A low-power sleep mode achieves ultra-low quiescent current draw by shutting down most internal circuitry. Internal protection features include supply undervoltage lockout, output overcurrent, and device overtemperature. The Texas Instruments DRV8251 is part of a family of devices that comes in pin-to-pin, scalable RDS(on), and supply voltage options to support various loads and supply rails with minimal design changes.


  • N-channel H-bridge brushed DC motor driver
  • 4.5V to 48V operating supply voltage range
  • Pin-to-pin, RDS(on), voltage, and current sense/regulation variants (external shunt resistor and integrated current mirror)
    • DRV8870: 6.5V to 45V, 565mΩ, shunt
    • DRV8251: 4.5V to 48V, 450mΩ, shunt
    • DRV8251A: 4.5V to 48V, 450mΩ, mirror
    • DRV8231: 4.5V to 33V, 600mΩ, shunt
    • DRV8231A: 4.5V to 33V, 600mΩ, mirror
  • High output current capability: 4.1A Peak
  • PWM control interface.
  • Supports 1.8V, 3.3V, and 5V logic inputs
  • Integrated current regulation
  • Low-power sleep mode
    • <1µA at VVM = 24V, TJ = 25°C
  • Small package and footprint
  • 8-Pin HSOP with PowerPAD™, 4.9mm × 6.0mm
  • Integrated protection features
    • VM undervoltage lockout (UVLO)
    • Latched overcurrent protection (OCP)
    • Thermal shutdown (TSD)

Block Diagram

more information: https://www.ti.com/product/DRV8251

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