The 7 Most Popular Jewelry Brands of 2021, Hands Down

As style people ourselves, we always have an eye on what fashion folk are into. Whether it’s the denim trend they all agree upon or the wardrobe basic stocked in their closets, we make it our duty to expose all the details. This brings me to today’s topic of investigation: jewelry. You can bet that inside every fashion girl’s vanity lies a treasure trove of everything from trendier chain link necklaces to more investment pieces. The common thread? A handful of popular jewelry brands they’re all into.

These seven labels have emerged as the go-to’s for anyone looking to elevate their outfit, and while some of these names have popped up more recently, most of them are industry mainstays. From fashion’s favorite fine jewelry line to the source for chunky chain-link pieces, scroll through to find the jewelry brands that are already all over your Instagram feed and perhaps find something to add to your own collection.

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