The best portable chargers in 2022

The best portable chargers are a burst of extra juice for your devices when you need it most. Finding yourself away from an outlet for too long could leave your electronics rapidly draining, leading you to an anxiety-inducing low-battery warning. Having a little something on hand to quickly give your devices a second wind is a godsend in these moments. The question is, which portable charger is best for you?

Sadly, the answer isn’t straightforward. Depending on where you are, what you’re doing and which devices you have with you, the answer to that question could vary wildly. After all, there’s little sense in suggesting you take a 1,000 mAh portable charger on a camping trip. In the same way, it’s not worthwhile to invest in a 50,000 mAh portable charging beast if all you want is a few extra minutes of Wordle while you’re out and about.

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