What to Buy for the Vanlifers on your List

Written by Alyson Klatt

After more than 18 months of being cooped up inside, some people are saying ‘see ya’ to the home office and hitting the open road. Not just an internet trend- the Van Life movement is the latest generation of American explorers. Modern day pioneers are renovating and loading up vehicles like vans, campers, and even school buses as their home on the go.

            With the hashtag vanlife surpassing 11 million posts on Instagram, it’s a safe bet to say you’ve probably got a few enthusiasts on your list this holiday season. Living on the road requires a variety of equipment depending on the individual. Whether your loved one is a full-time vandweller or a weekend adventurer, this list is sure to have something to fit their needs.

For the pint-sized vagabond:  

Turtle Fur Youth Road Trip Hat


This acrylic beanie is perfect for little dreamers who aren’t quite ready to drive solo as well as those trying to get the kids excited for a family road trip.


Coghlan’s Kid’s 7-Function Binoculars


While your ride vehicle is in motion, keep your kid’s hands, arms, legs, and voices inside by pair the magnifying glass feature with a DIY “i-spy” mason jar. When you arrive at your destination, the binoculars are great to have kids spot wildlife or other landmarks.

To make the jar: fill any sized jar or other container with a basic canvas of something like dry rice, beans or cereal- leaving about half of the jar empty. Then add colorful or interesting pieces like mini animal toys, alphabet beads, or forgotten lego bits! After adding your treasures, top off the jar with more of the plain filler, leaving at least a couple inches so there’s room for everything to move about freely. Have kids search for the pieces during quiet time, or make it into a game!

For weekend wanderers:

Nite Ize Steelie Orbiter Windshield Kit


Keep those eyes on the road! Encourage safe habits with this windshield mount. The magnet mount system makes sure the phone stays attached while GPS guides your loved ones on their journey. A practical but thoughtful gift!


Campmor Soft Trunk 42 inch Oversized Duffel by Outdoor Products


This oversized duffel is perfect for travelers to keep everything organized and out of the way on road trips. With an incredible 15,000+ cu. in. capacity you have the space to store all your blankets, pillows, clothes, and whatever else you might need. We’re so proud of this duffel that we put our name on it- so go ahead and share your Campmor pride!

For an extra special gift idea, consider skipping the gift wrap and instead using the bag as the packaging! Fill it up with favorites like snacks, guide books, and coffee or tea! You can feel good about saving some paper without sacrificing presentation.

For Full Time Nomads:

GSI Outdoors 8 Cup Percolator- Deluxe


A nice cup of coffee is a creature comfort that no one should have to sacrifice. This coffee maker fits perfectly into the van life aesthetic while being truly functional. This is a great option to help upgrade your loved one’s camp kitchen!

GSI Outdoors Infinity Backpacker Mug


Perfect for a stand alone gift, or combine it with the percolator for a coffee themed gift basket! This mug is fantastic for on the go with its sip lid and removable sleeve. Plus a 17 fl. oz. capacity means your loved one will be happily caffeinated. 


No matter how you choose to celebrate the explorers in your family, Campmor has everything you need to make this holiday one to remember. Check out our full gift guide for even more ideas!  If you’re still stumped, never fear- our staff here at Campmor are well trained and can offer you great advice and direction. For more information, questions, or concerns, email us customerservice@campmor.com or call (201) 445-5000

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