World of Warcraft 10.0: How to watch the reveal of WoW’s next expansion

Blizzard Entertainment is revealing what’s in store for the future of World of Warcraft in a presentation this month. Details on what to expect out of the game’s upcoming expansion, along with any and all other patch notes that will come about from version 10.0, are practically guaranteed. This is a huge number for the franchise, and could be indicative of massive changes.

We already know that World of Warcraft’s cross-faction update is in the works, but we’re hoping to hear good news that can breathe some life into the game in other ways. After all, Shadowlands suffered from a particularly exhausting endgame, so hopefully these issues are addressed. I don’t want to grind Renown to continue a main quest line ever again.

How to watch World of Warcraft’s 10.0 reveal 

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